Sunday, June 28, 2009

Top 5 : Wedding related concern

  1. Highest rank will be none other than money. Its a tight stretch and tug of war between time and saving. One personal wages seems imposible to deliver the pricey expectation of one soulmate. We seldom have discussion among close companion regarding recent most talk-about stories of our similar age friends who wed before us. The "How they manage to come out with such huge figure?. They must be using their parent's money. They must be borned from a rich family that can afford big request." kind of question surfaced.
  2. 'Thinking' that we live in apply wedding concept with expiry date. "Don't you think that you are a bit old not to get married?","You should have been married by now". This question complete the meet and greet session among long lost friends, sunday's family gathering, small talk and mamak's gossip updates. People decide when,what and where to please negative thought of not getting married. For those who had a left foot to have one in-waiting play with others desire to make them feel good about themselves. Regardless of neither hasty decision nor planned preparation remember not to burden you parent's saving.
  3. Soulmate?. How you measure one?. Is it through relationship duration or one understanding of partner's behavior either negative or positive. An old wise man once said "one is not your life's companion if one cause more bad influence than good". Fights is not prohibited, yet not preffered either, you know what I mean. I've been told numerous stories about failure in staying together. We bet in fate and go with the flow as if for now.
  4. We juggle multiple demands. Few of us pursue cert for promising career ahead. Others having trouble to build firm platform to get stable. "Even by then we get tangle with external bumps such as recession and retrenchment, disloyalty and family-related problems". The point is it seems we unable to process things within so called 'expiry date' duration limit.
  5. Understanding the needs. Different age mingle with different point of view upon serious relationship and marriage. The theory of age versus marriage's desire. The older your age the higher your desire, a simple basic understanding. However, it would be a problem for those who in a relationship with limelight-seeker, club-fever, drunk disorder, and sex maniac who seems to careless with none of above mentioned. Enough with hardship of selecting the sort of 'the one', now we have to filter this not-supposed to be a problem.

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