Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Scene : Rockaway @ Capsquare

I'm in the sea of indie-rock dress up kids Indonesian look alike with nothing but sweats and smelt. A typical gig-scene consist of groupies and uptight crowds attached by the sidewalks. This is upon an observation of a lone ranger cruising through bars of legs wearing skinny jeans. To those who thought this crowd is a low level fans wore 'posers' title as an outfit to blend within the scene was hasty at judging. One person error doesn't made up to all people's fault, or does it?. To be present shoulder to shoulder with them by me build a negative perception by this so called high class music enthusiast. "You know nothing about the essence of mosh pit, head banging and crowd surf. You are a bunch of coward afraid of social remark"

Enough with one person's thought. To be able to attend to this indie music riots I need to go by train, two to be exact. I secured my seat next to a couple. The girl is wearing tudung and the guy is wearing dark blue police pants matched with police shoes. I proceed reading The Star newspaper while they conversed in small talks. After a while they began to caught my attention. They starting to explain about gangster group and 'who is who'. Who is this Dato' being taking care of, and how there is once he being stab in a gang fight. That guy in the name of **** was the head of the gang in Kajang. You don't want to mess with him. I notice a few of people who were standing glued their ears and eyes to this guy. Waiting for the next 'inside' info. This kind of people I easily say they entertain me. I consider this a free storytelling along a train ride

I can't stand the heat, sweats sharing and the ridiculous smelt therefore by six I decide to breakout. Overall the listed performance was appreciatively awesome. They gave a hundred percent performance that is far off from disappointment. SCTS has to be my favorite. Lucky You and Wildchild is a music genius.

* Prior to the photos taken during Rockaway, it will be posted from here onward.

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