Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 10 : Why being a criminal is a career of choice.

  1. Malaysian police force conducting a catch and release program to a selective criminal
  2. Drug trafficking and smuggles is being misconduct its rule of law. What happen is drug addict and crime rate rapidly accelerate due to a higher demand of desperation measure. This is of course in a sense of financial needs.
  3. The ruler busy puppet-ing forces to unnecessary task. Political motivated and every reason to divert attention to small group of people that cause no harm. Rather than focusing in combating street theft and parang robbers.
  4. Lack of speed of streamyx. The interest in online drop to a slight percentage that attract 'them' to find new hobby. Is the slow-streamyx have to do with a certain agenda that run by the government to cover up a few stories.
  5. The double standard practice. What happen is, we all know that there is an underground society that run the whole specific race. How can we vanish faulty misbehave if there is always an excuse to bail. "They are an important man, or they know someone who know someone. I have a call to release them"
  6. Money. Everything and everyone has a price. An endless fight against principle.
  7. Gangsterism. Even a high school student involved in gang fight. Stab and kill is a normal view point at a more undevelop area at the edge of Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Government administration and The ruler is too busy politicking. The rest is crafted via Media Prima's electronic media.
  9. Do you think that a criminal like the one shown in the picture watch Southpark or Comedy Central. Do we need to broadcast more comedy rather than violence. I would say influenced by a wrong idol(Abang Long) and reactment of a famous practice of gangsterism in television.
  10. The way they being raise. The society in the place they grow up. The friend they followed. The stupid mindset of getting rich quickly.
* This is taken by a CCTV at the scene of a several gang robbery with parang terrorised a few business in Puchong at 5.30 am on 17 June 2009.

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