Monday, June 15, 2009

Telemovie : Seratus Harijadi

* Taken from Dira's blog. She is the main character in the telemovie.

Seratus Harijadi is a personal recommendation for viewers from all walks that love a different approach for television material. Woo Ming Jin with independant movie spirit take the risk of bringing a different concept to commercial entertainment television. A telemovie that value creativity, art and commercialism equally.

From the synopsis you will have a vague idea how the story goes. But the cinematography was so brilliant that forced me to 'torrent' it into my personal movie vault. I rather disappointed when I found out that there is not much information about it on the internet, let alone the movie on torrent.

The show was aired on Astro Ria a few days ago. I have been waiting for it a while back since I watched its trailer on the same channel. More so, the actor is mostly talented. They have a strong background of teater practice if I'm not mistaken. This is a must to watch for all the viewers who value a great deal of creative screening.

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