Thursday, June 18, 2009

Personal : Immigration and Laundry

Corporate and business cycle has been a heavy discussion to me, neither in conversation nor knowledge.Heavy in a sense that they talk, converse and discuss somehow as in they have their own language.

Construction and politicking. A best friend that complete each other. To entertain client and make fall under a huge make believe that they are important and taking care of. What happen is, bribery on the slickest point.

I've been working at my father's laundry for a while now. One man from the immigration background were looking forward to open a laundry business. He is trying to ask for help with the whole management and setup. "melayu dengan melayu kena tolong", that is what my father's reply upon my short question. I'm silent-ed with wonder. I thought that my father is out of hands. The work load is so overwhelming that he doesn't have time. Even it is family matters. For him customer come first. That is my father's character.

We will understand along the way while we growing up. We will face a desperate moment in life. During this moment you will think what is best for yourself and what will help you in a short term period. Others can wait.

What happen is, this morning that guy came to my laundry's. To extend a few more question and to confirm about machine ordered. At the end of the meeting, I heard they whisper. "How about the 'maid'?", "Did you settle everything?". My mind went straight to thinking about what have I told you before.

Some people might take this as business measure. Or some would say it is a win win situation. For me this is life. To run a business that need a strong and hardworking worker we have to rely on 'indon'. They are the only one who willing to do this kind of job. So I guess 'they' have no choice but to take illegal worker to work for a while. Until they being process as maid. If they cannot work legally.

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