Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top 10 : Reason why I don't get a job

  1. I'm not a degree holder, let alone a 3 pointer graduate.
  2. I don't have a fucking clue what position is suitable to be apply.
  3. The idea of money hunger overshadowed the importance of finding job. After all in order to earn is to work.
  4. Recession might be the safest excuse. Demanding company focus to be choosy at best. Prioritize from unemployed degree holder and downward.
  5. Method and resources used is not fully utilize and used efficiently. Should internet be enough?. Does email is the only bridge connecting us and the employee.
  6. Sleep, internet(surfing) and photography is more appealing even in my worst moment of in need. On this case is getting paid.
  7. Eager to compare and differentiate jobs. Either among friends or stranger who is successful. Prior to that, other jobs is not in the area of concern to me. Only the one who is related to the one my friends does will be the choice of job.
  8. Picky. At this point I feel desperate. You can throw me a broom, I will sweep it clean. As long as there is salary at the end.
  9. I'm meant to be rich by doing things that is unthinkable. I can say I have feelings about becoming someone who is wealthy and financial free by doing things that we least expected. Photography might fall in this column.
  10. The truth is, I wasn't take enough initiative. I can be whoever I want to be. Get whatever I want. Past is all proved. Maybe it is time to "walk in a more faster pace, rather than crawling."

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