Monday, June 08, 2009

Personal : I want to be Ari Gold.

It is interesting that Ari Gold's character would be the one who boost up your motivation. The vibe and energy conveyed build such imaginary vision. Could that be my dream job?. Or I only in it for the good thing. As for the bad ones, I will not have the gut to go through.

During the weekend was my hectic-est couple of days. It seems like I come to understand why most corporate people think that 24 hours is not enough for one day. Cause literally I felt the same way. I woke with not enough sleep and go back feeling even worst.

That is how I got tangled up with three series of Entourage. All I have to say, the idea behind this series give a good prime picture of what happen behind camera of the true stories of Hollywood world.

By the way, I still trying to understand whether my camera is the one who exceed its limit. Or I'm not got enough as a photographer. What I did is, I try to photograph a long light trails on one of the section of the highway. I keep end up having the same result. I started to piss off by now. I guess this is the good time to save some money and try to grab a bigger and better specification. D90 is what I have in mind, will see.


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