Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Download : EZTV is down!

Lately EZTV unable to proceed its service as the best archive for series updates and download. They stated that it is due to hardware issue and is being fixed. Hopefully they will be up and running soon. The best thing about this website is they compiled a lot of series together and sort it by dates. Easy and user friendly.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

News : Limited high-speed broadband by first quarter next year

  • Only the selected areas, residents of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bangsar, both in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam enable to access to high-speed broadband.
  • Currently user benefits up to 4 Mbps. With this new installment under the High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) project broadband speed rise to 10 Mbps.
  • However Klang Valley and Iskandar Malaysia are expected to fully utilize by the upgrades by 2012. Covered area is around 1.3 million households
  • The HSBB project is a public-private partnership between Telekom Malaysia and the government. Telekom is expected to invest RM8.9 billion of its own funds while the government will put in RM2.4 billion.
article : themalaysianinsider

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Event : Rock N Roll Kot?

Date: Sunday, 12 July 2009
Time: 9pm
Venue: Cloth & Clef, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tickets: RM10

Akta Angkasa
Wani Ardy
Mohd Jayzuan


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Music : Jay-Z Death of Auto-tune (D.O.A)

Jay-Z's Blueprint III

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Top 5 : Wedding related concern

  1. Highest rank will be none other than money. Its a tight stretch and tug of war between time and saving. One personal wages seems imposible to deliver the pricey expectation of one soulmate. We seldom have discussion among close companion regarding recent most talk-about stories of our similar age friends who wed before us. The "How they manage to come out with such huge figure?. They must be using their parent's money. They must be borned from a rich family that can afford big request." kind of question surfaced.
  2. 'Thinking' that we live in apply wedding concept with expiry date. "Don't you think that you are a bit old not to get married?","You should have been married by now". This question complete the meet and greet session among long lost friends, sunday's family gathering, small talk and mamak's gossip updates. People decide when,what and where to please negative thought of not getting married. For those who had a left foot to have one in-waiting play with others desire to make them feel good about themselves. Regardless of neither hasty decision nor planned preparation remember not to burden you parent's saving.
  3. Soulmate?. How you measure one?. Is it through relationship duration or one understanding of partner's behavior either negative or positive. An old wise man once said "one is not your life's companion if one cause more bad influence than good". Fights is not prohibited, yet not preffered either, you know what I mean. I've been told numerous stories about failure in staying together. We bet in fate and go with the flow as if for now.
  4. We juggle multiple demands. Few of us pursue cert for promising career ahead. Others having trouble to build firm platform to get stable. "Even by then we get tangle with external bumps such as recession and retrenchment, disloyalty and family-related problems". The point is it seems we unable to process things within so called 'expiry date' duration limit.
  5. Understanding the needs. Different age mingle with different point of view upon serious relationship and marriage. The theory of age versus marriage's desire. The older your age the higher your desire, a simple basic understanding. However, it would be a problem for those who in a relationship with limelight-seeker, club-fever, drunk disorder, and sex maniac who seems to careless with none of above mentioned. Enough with hardship of selecting the sort of 'the one', now we have to filter this not-supposed to be a problem.

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Music : The L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto

Lupe Fiasco.

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Photography : Urbanscape 2009

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Flickr : Burst Bubble.

Pictures from Flickr : Richard Heek

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"Kalau hebat kenapa berdalih
Kalau hip hop kenapa berdalih" - Malique feat. Cat Farish 'OK'

I don't mind being left out off the music trend. I don't mind I don't blend with skinnies, high top sneakers, because unless you were moved and touched by the music you listen to than the sound is just a disturbing noise - you know what I mean. Make sure music motivates you.

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Photography : "Toothbrush and Hairgel" mini-series project.

This mini-series will revolve around home appliance. There will be a collection of pictures taken on the scene of awkward places with unsuitable things.Most of that is a common gadget or tools used in daily routine. The idea of making this series pop-out since the renovation of my house kitchen. How interesting if I come out with a simple shoot since the kitchen wrecked coincidentally designed sort of like a construction-site-like studio. Picture shown above is a sample photo something like a sketch to the whole blueprint of the concept.

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Camera : E-P1 Olympus

Review : dpreview

This might not be the best camera on the market. However the sleek design give a sense of high class style. Somehow give the extra confident for the user to use it on the street. Happy photographing.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 : Moment during PLK's briefing.

  1. Spotted semi-aged short hair sweet girl at the high-ground parking lot. What does it meant when a girl look down(avoid eye contact) when pass by?. I knew that I'm intimidate, shy or nervous when exhibit such behavior.
  2. I'm prepared to be punctual. Awake exactly sharp on time. I don't know what when wrong with time management, I arrived 1 hour late. The gathering hall filled with newly registered PLKs hooked their eyes while I walk through tight space. Couldn't be more awkward than this. A sea of women on first glance. I felt like entering in woman's department, sadly maternity store not Victoria Secret, got me?.
  3. To be late has consequence. Have you buy cinema ticket for couple, instead you come alone. Now everyone is looking at you like you are wearing underwear outside. Picture the same situation, this time imagine the time we force ourselves out the entrance door couple begin to magnet-ed. Left you walking alone like idiot queue in line for tea break. To make things worst, there is a person or people at distance wave at you, it seems that there is familiar faces notice your idiot-ness. Therefore most people decide to make uptight faces, not because they want to look cool but they don't want to look stupid ,which stupid how they don't know that they already are.
  4. I remain seated on a bench infront of the class picked for the next meeting. People started to accommodate class choosen depending on course taken. Do you know whats wrong with being the first one waiting?. You can watch one by one drawn to you from far. Like they need to be around you otherwise things will go wrong. I leaned forward, elbows on my knees. No question why Marketing attract more girls application rather than guys. What happen is, beside, infront ,just happen to be too many girls sorrounding me. Now I can't stare left and right, cause they might think that I'm checking on them. I can't stare infront, cause they might think that I'm staring at their chest. Which they have one hell of a cup. Whats left is to stare down at the floor, still, they think that I'm checking their butt. Should you rest your butt all over my face when you realize that the alley is happen to be narrow and not much of space here. Yes, I'm a perv now because they think everything is about them.
  5. Somehow today fate is on my side. Lucky on the other. The same girl with purple tee's, tight pants, windy, her hair blows waved under the sunlight of noon. We were on the opposite encounter. She lower her face, no eye contact. I try to examine whether can she be anyone that I might know. The moment of intersect happened but no sign of greets. I'm on my way to the office. Later on I found out that it was closed so I turn back. She think that I'm chasing her. So she move fast. I can hear the footstep's volume getting higher and higher. Then right after a few set of stairs she vanished. We went aparts and moment fades.
*Picture shown taken from Flickr.

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Update : Rapidshare-ing inside Restoran Soto with No Use For A Name

Look what I found recently in part of Klue posting segment. A food review took place nearby my neighborhood parameter. The famous Restoran Soto which not only famous for its tasty and delicious variety of selections but surprisingly known for being pricey. If you're lucky you might be able to spot a few familiar faces around the restaurant. I guess when you are hungry price will be on your way, doesn't it?.

Good news for NUFAN fans in Malaysia. One of the biggest Pop Punk band will be performing in Malaysia with TBA venue. It believe to be a tour to a certain neighboring country and Malaysia will be one of the choosen spot. Date: Sunday, 18 October 2009. For further information please visit their official websites.

The German performance organisation GEMA a while ago filed a lawsuit against Rapidshare which entitled them to pay up to $34 mil in damages for their violation of copyrights. How much do you think Rapidshare's website worth?. For such giant website like them I don't think the court fine would shake them. Look what happen to Pirate Bay. Don't die on us just yet, we still need a place to rely on for downloading.

via : Junk

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Design : Unemployed?

Here is the fun side of being unemployed.

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Top 10 : Point of view on pornographic content.

  1. China have blocked and filtered all pornographic content from being distributed, copied and searched. Google through Chinese version, Google.cn promised to remove completely all obscene content from its indexes. From one of CIIRC reports : “Public distribution of pornography is illegal in China. Previously, the country had blacklisted 50 websites, including search engines Google, Baidu and MSN China, which were accused of providing obscene content and of being slow to delete erotic materials.
  2. Heavy junkies will be able to identify names and body measurements via motion samples while browsing. Pornographic has a compulsive and addictive nature.
  3. "When we started the Multimedia Super Corridor, we promised the people that we will not censor the Internet. But at times, I regretted this.”,"All you’ve got to do is to put ‘SEX’ and you get everything, all the filth in the world would be shown to you" - Tun Dr. Mahathir. Internet censorship consists beyond fabricated facts from bloggers but stretched to filth content. Today, prominent politic figure urges internet user to stop being a victim towards pornographic addiction.
  4. Popularity of downloading instead leads to an extremely easy access of streaming or watching online. Should acquire no password and username. No need to register to a specific forum anymore.
  5. To come out with a statement, "I'm no longer watching porn" would be a social suicide. Let alone statement like, "I don't do alcohol, smoking as well". Now we start to believe once said, wrong will be right, right will no longer wins. Can you survive being acquainted with the minority?.
  6. Pornographic content is an indirect result to children sexual abuse, high crime rate and insisted demand for a faster streamyx's speed.
  7. Do you know how many unplanned pregnancy among teenagers in the country?. Do you aware that nowadays virginity is not a 'must' in muslim marriage?. The downside of the term 'get used to it' is we won't be able to change it back. What happen now is that we settle with whats left. Do you want to dine with leftover?.
  8. The four stages : Addiction, Escalation, Desensitization and action out. Beware if by any chance you fall under this symptom.
  9. "Dirty thoughts come out of boredom", the best thing is to occupied yourself with activities.
  10. Pointing out at other's and blaming them is a sign of denial. We were all guilty as charged. If you are offended that is mean you still care to change.
*Picture shown taken from Flickr. Bukan Hak Milik Blog ini.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top 10 : What have I learnt, camera-wise, during a concert

  1. Shoot test photos before the performance start. Therefore camera can be marked its range of possible composition or settings.
  2. Be a sharp observer. Lay your eyes 360 degrees until a certain moment of movement caught your attention.
  3. Choose lens with distance and wide angle. With kit lens mount on top of a D40 is the least possible limit to a limitation. It gave me a hard time which really mess with my patience. What you need to do is to work magic out of anything that works. Using this limitation let you learn from mistakes and error.
  4. Be an active photographer. Experiment shoots with different angle. A stationary photographer usually resulted less attractive photos.
  5. Look and learn from professionals. They have what we called experience. But be placed elsewhere where typical photographer afraid to explore.
  6. Used continuous mode. Great moment normally happen once, should we be setting still during 'it'.
  7. There is no fault, only slight adjustment. Keep your mistakes, who knew that it can be edit once you get back. Worth the hustle at least.
  8. Capture subject that mean something to you. It will mean something to those who lay eyes on your picture as well.
  9. Don't be shy. Photographer is positioned in between attention of fans and musician. You have to be able to loosen up and go wild. Believe me, standing still is not the way to do it.
  10. The mission is to capture quality by quantity. So don't let your hands down. Stay alert.
* List above is upon 'here and there' experience of a Nikon D40 user.
* To tell is to learn, to know is to re-correct.

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The Scene : Rockaway @ Capsquare

I'm in the sea of indie-rock dress up kids Indonesian look alike with nothing but sweats and smelt. A typical gig-scene consist of groupies and uptight crowds attached by the sidewalks. This is upon an observation of a lone ranger cruising through bars of legs wearing skinny jeans. To those who thought this crowd is a low level fans wore 'posers' title as an outfit to blend within the scene was hasty at judging. One person error doesn't made up to all people's fault, or does it?. To be present shoulder to shoulder with them by me build a negative perception by this so called high class music enthusiast. "You know nothing about the essence of mosh pit, head banging and crowd surf. You are a bunch of coward afraid of social remark"

Enough with one person's thought. To be able to attend to this indie music riots I need to go by train, two to be exact. I secured my seat next to a couple. The girl is wearing tudung and the guy is wearing dark blue police pants matched with police shoes. I proceed reading The Star newspaper while they conversed in small talks. After a while they began to caught my attention. They starting to explain about gangster group and 'who is who'. Who is this Dato' being taking care of, and how there is once he being stab in a gang fight. That guy in the name of **** was the head of the gang in Kajang. You don't want to mess with him. I notice a few of people who were standing glued their ears and eyes to this guy. Waiting for the next 'inside' info. This kind of people I easily say they entertain me. I consider this a free storytelling along a train ride

I can't stand the heat, sweats sharing and the ridiculous smelt therefore by six I decide to breakout. Overall the listed performance was appreciatively awesome. They gave a hundred percent performance that is far off from disappointment. SCTS has to be my favorite. Lucky You and Wildchild is a music genius.

* Prior to the photos taken during Rockaway, it will be posted from here onward.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Top 10 : Truth about making a band and its industry

*Picture taken from Flickr. This blog is not the owner of the shown picture.
  1. Vocalist is a figure-less instrument. Therefore it is rather not less important to scout singer with melodious voice. However there is no shocking surprise with the music industry that majority of local bands where found neglecting this 'must'
  2. The first critics and suggestion should been voice out from closest acquaintance. Level down to your friends cycle, family and distance associates. Take note that they will be your biggest fan and a positive ambient towards your ups & downs journey.
  3. Don't easily motivated by unrecognized small act on gigs at "indie hideout by the dark alley". Your mind is playing trick on you. Doesn't mean that if they sound horrible make you sound slightly better, whenever you decide to form a band out of that thought.
  4. Admit the lacks of talent. Improve. It is as simple as that.
  5. Careless of being similar. 'Biting' melodies might happen once in a blue moon. More or less we grow up listening to mainstreams, not like we were born with our own band with our own material. The key is to improvise.
  6. Dream big but don't be too obsess. Hungry for being famous and known just proved that you were nothing but a loser. It is believe to be a package, worried not. Focus on the end product and everything else will come.
  7. Get serious with pushing your limit. Bring your talent to the next level every time you reach people's expectation. "Bring originality and different material to the plate"
  8. Ego is the king of failure. You are in the business of people. Music is the bridge to connect human being. Loosen up your ego and listen to critics and comments. You can sit your principle or point of view to sleep if there is no place to argue. Open your mind up and listen. Don't caved and be defensive.
  9. Combine the best out of the best. Hire people with vision and great ideas. The mistake with most of us, we used to settle with average. Ease through decision because we want things easy. Like when you have a great concept and genre. Mix it with attitude and charisma. Entertainer got to have the X-factor and vibe on the sense of present.
  10. Making a band is not a trend neither a must. You can always become a fan.

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News : Belgium girl furious to get 56 tattoo on her face.

First and foremost what were you thinking to have a tattoo permanently attach to your face. A face out of all human body parts. The story that have been circulating through the media was this Belgium girl, Kimberly Vlaeminck woke up in a tattoo parlor with 56 stars covering the left side of her face, after, she claims, she only asked for 3.

This is what I think she had in mine, "three stars tattooed on my face would make my face look sexier, but 56 stars will make it look hideous" when the first time she looked at her face in the mirror after the incident.

Is this what the world turn up to be. To me its enough with woman trying to be a man. But to look more masculine then us is raising the gender boundaries too high. We need to stop this contagious trend off the book before the tattoo epidemic when N1H1. To all the Malaysian woman, please don't try this at any tattoo parlor nearby.

via : nydailynews

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ad : What can we do with brilliant ad?.

*An advertisement for Comex paint

For those who don't appreciate creativity they might think this is just another nice ad. But to those who their mind work on an overwhelming horsepower this is another idea to improvise. To answer the question, what we can do is to improvise ideas. Through the internet historic discovery and founds, most of the one who make it huge is the one came out second. Google and Yahoo, Facebook and Myspace, Apple and Microsoft. They said think out of the box, so this is how you start.

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Government : Malaysia's Truman Show broadcasting live from Media Prima

I believe that we all have watched The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. An entire plot of the movie spiral down to a discovery by him(Jim) that he is living within a TV show.

By referring to all the internet users, our internet and freedom of expressing thought through internet has been controled by the biggest cover up. Is there anywhere that we can run out of personal interest and power-hunger human being that keep bugging us with problems. First would be the slow down of internet access. Then the reduce of speed for downloading, either torrent or directly through website.

If you study closely you will find a food chain that connect us with the whole propaganda. First, there is a meltdown and conflict between two major party. Which we refer them as the front line of the puppeteer of politic. The ruler at this point trying hard to cut down sources. Via electronic medium and printed medium. Using money as a trade. Bought people with power and sort people which are not.

What did the opposition do?. The opposition will be the left hand of the fight. Reveal the truth. The ruler certainly would not happy about the action and take proactive measure and its affecting 'us'. The consequence is not their concern. Because big will overturned small and rich will overshadow poor.

Now they are saying that blogger has to be sort. They will be under a strict 'do and don't's set up by the government. Here is the bullshit part. "You were mad because you got hit. But at the same time you were also using blog as a weapon.Let it be both sides and left the choosing part to us"


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Top 10 : Why being a criminal is a career of choice.

  1. Malaysian police force conducting a catch and release program to a selective criminal
  2. Drug trafficking and smuggles is being misconduct its rule of law. What happen is drug addict and crime rate rapidly accelerate due to a higher demand of desperation measure. This is of course in a sense of financial needs.
  3. The ruler busy puppet-ing forces to unnecessary task. Political motivated and every reason to divert attention to small group of people that cause no harm. Rather than focusing in combating street theft and parang robbers.
  4. Lack of speed of streamyx. The interest in online drop to a slight percentage that attract 'them' to find new hobby. Is the slow-streamyx have to do with a certain agenda that run by the government to cover up a few stories.
  5. The double standard practice. What happen is, we all know that there is an underground society that run the whole specific race. How can we vanish faulty misbehave if there is always an excuse to bail. "They are an important man, or they know someone who know someone. I have a call to release them"
  6. Money. Everything and everyone has a price. An endless fight against principle.
  7. Gangsterism. Even a high school student involved in gang fight. Stab and kill is a normal view point at a more undevelop area at the edge of Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Government administration and The ruler is too busy politicking. The rest is crafted via Media Prima's electronic media.
  9. Do you think that a criminal like the one shown in the picture watch Southpark or Comedy Central. Do we need to broadcast more comedy rather than violence. I would say influenced by a wrong idol(Abang Long) and reactment of a famous practice of gangsterism in television.
  10. The way they being raise. The society in the place they grow up. The friend they followed. The stupid mindset of getting rich quickly.
* This is taken by a CCTV at the scene of a several gang robbery with parang terrorised a few business in Puchong at 5.30 am on 17 June 2009.

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Music : First performance

*From left Raushan, Mazrul, Raushan's girlfriend and Razin.
*Take note, the girl in front has a very powerful voice. She is kind a cute, a major plus.

Acoustic live at Gloria Jean's Open Mic session. This have to be one of the best night since the last time we went out. As usual it has a bit of teasing moment and awkward mistake that boils down to a bundle of laughter. It turned out to be a good crowd. Music wise, it was not a flawless run. However the material I have to say they did a wonderful job. Up until now the english song is still my favorite.

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Personal : Immigration and Laundry

Corporate and business cycle has been a heavy discussion to me, neither in conversation nor knowledge.Heavy in a sense that they talk, converse and discuss somehow as in they have their own language.

Construction and politicking. A best friend that complete each other. To entertain client and make fall under a huge make believe that they are important and taking care of. What happen is, bribery on the slickest point.

I've been working at my father's laundry for a while now. One man from the immigration background were looking forward to open a laundry business. He is trying to ask for help with the whole management and setup. "melayu dengan melayu kena tolong", that is what my father's reply upon my short question. I'm silent-ed with wonder. I thought that my father is out of hands. The work load is so overwhelming that he doesn't have time. Even it is family matters. For him customer come first. That is my father's character.

We will understand along the way while we growing up. We will face a desperate moment in life. During this moment you will think what is best for yourself and what will help you in a short term period. Others can wait.

What happen is, this morning that guy came to my laundry's. To extend a few more question and to confirm about machine ordered. At the end of the meeting, I heard they whisper. "How about the 'maid'?", "Did you settle everything?". My mind went straight to thinking about what have I told you before.

Some people might take this as business measure. Or some would say it is a win win situation. For me this is life. To run a business that need a strong and hardworking worker we have to rely on 'indon'. They are the only one who willing to do this kind of job. So I guess 'they' have no choice but to take illegal worker to work for a while. Until they being process as maid. If they cannot work legally.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top 10 : Reason why I don't get a job

  1. I'm not a degree holder, let alone a 3 pointer graduate.
  2. I don't have a fucking clue what position is suitable to be apply.
  3. The idea of money hunger overshadowed the importance of finding job. After all in order to earn is to work.
  4. Recession might be the safest excuse. Demanding company focus to be choosy at best. Prioritize from unemployed degree holder and downward.
  5. Method and resources used is not fully utilize and used efficiently. Should internet be enough?. Does email is the only bridge connecting us and the employee.
  6. Sleep, internet(surfing) and photography is more appealing even in my worst moment of in need. On this case is getting paid.
  7. Eager to compare and differentiate jobs. Either among friends or stranger who is successful. Prior to that, other jobs is not in the area of concern to me. Only the one who is related to the one my friends does will be the choice of job.
  8. Picky. At this point I feel desperate. You can throw me a broom, I will sweep it clean. As long as there is salary at the end.
  9. I'm meant to be rich by doing things that is unthinkable. I can say I have feelings about becoming someone who is wealthy and financial free by doing things that we least expected. Photography might fall in this column.
  10. The truth is, I wasn't take enough initiative. I can be whoever I want to be. Get whatever I want. Past is all proved. Maybe it is time to "walk in a more faster pace, rather than crawling."

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Monday, June 15, 2009

News : Iranian protest in KL

Roughly 500 to thounsand Iranian protest along the street near the United Nation building. It believed to be prior to the recent victory of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Friday's election.

“The protesters handed in a memo and were leaving when the police fired two rounds of teargas,” said a Reuters photographer.

Has it become a habit and a trend for people in Malaysia to have a street demonstration. Are we in the way to become a country that we watch on the television and feel sorry for theirs misery. We might not understand what the Iranian try to portray. But the reason they fight over must be something that they truly passionate about. No one in this world would like to fight with police and shot by tear gas for no reason.

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