Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 : Moment during PLK's briefing.

  1. Spotted semi-aged short hair sweet girl at the high-ground parking lot. What does it meant when a girl look down(avoid eye contact) when pass by?. I knew that I'm intimidate, shy or nervous when exhibit such behavior.
  2. I'm prepared to be punctual. Awake exactly sharp on time. I don't know what when wrong with time management, I arrived 1 hour late. The gathering hall filled with newly registered PLKs hooked their eyes while I walk through tight space. Couldn't be more awkward than this. A sea of women on first glance. I felt like entering in woman's department, sadly maternity store not Victoria Secret, got me?.
  3. To be late has consequence. Have you buy cinema ticket for couple, instead you come alone. Now everyone is looking at you like you are wearing underwear outside. Picture the same situation, this time imagine the time we force ourselves out the entrance door couple begin to magnet-ed. Left you walking alone like idiot queue in line for tea break. To make things worst, there is a person or people at distance wave at you, it seems that there is familiar faces notice your idiot-ness. Therefore most people decide to make uptight faces, not because they want to look cool but they don't want to look stupid ,which stupid how they don't know that they already are.
  4. I remain seated on a bench infront of the class picked for the next meeting. People started to accommodate class choosen depending on course taken. Do you know whats wrong with being the first one waiting?. You can watch one by one drawn to you from far. Like they need to be around you otherwise things will go wrong. I leaned forward, elbows on my knees. No question why Marketing attract more girls application rather than guys. What happen is, beside, infront ,just happen to be too many girls sorrounding me. Now I can't stare left and right, cause they might think that I'm checking on them. I can't stare infront, cause they might think that I'm staring at their chest. Which they have one hell of a cup. Whats left is to stare down at the floor, still, they think that I'm checking their butt. Should you rest your butt all over my face when you realize that the alley is happen to be narrow and not much of space here. Yes, I'm a perv now because they think everything is about them.
  5. Somehow today fate is on my side. Lucky on the other. The same girl with purple tee's, tight pants, windy, her hair blows waved under the sunlight of noon. We were on the opposite encounter. She lower her face, no eye contact. I try to examine whether can she be anyone that I might know. The moment of intersect happened but no sign of greets. I'm on my way to the office. Later on I found out that it was closed so I turn back. She think that I'm chasing her. So she move fast. I can hear the footstep's volume getting higher and higher. Then right after a few set of stairs she vanished. We went aparts and moment fades.
*Picture shown taken from Flickr.

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