Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 10 : Point of view on pornographic content.

  1. China have blocked and filtered all pornographic content from being distributed, copied and searched. Google through Chinese version, Google.cn promised to remove completely all obscene content from its indexes. From one of CIIRC reports : “Public distribution of pornography is illegal in China. Previously, the country had blacklisted 50 websites, including search engines Google, Baidu and MSN China, which were accused of providing obscene content and of being slow to delete erotic materials.
  2. Heavy junkies will be able to identify names and body measurements via motion samples while browsing. Pornographic has a compulsive and addictive nature.
  3. "When we started the Multimedia Super Corridor, we promised the people that we will not censor the Internet. But at times, I regretted this.”,"All you’ve got to do is to put ‘SEX’ and you get everything, all the filth in the world would be shown to you" - Tun Dr. Mahathir. Internet censorship consists beyond fabricated facts from bloggers but stretched to filth content. Today, prominent politic figure urges internet user to stop being a victim towards pornographic addiction.
  4. Popularity of downloading instead leads to an extremely easy access of streaming or watching online. Should acquire no password and username. No need to register to a specific forum anymore.
  5. To come out with a statement, "I'm no longer watching porn" would be a social suicide. Let alone statement like, "I don't do alcohol, smoking as well". Now we start to believe once said, wrong will be right, right will no longer wins. Can you survive being acquainted with the minority?.
  6. Pornographic content is an indirect result to children sexual abuse, high crime rate and insisted demand for a faster streamyx's speed.
  7. Do you know how many unplanned pregnancy among teenagers in the country?. Do you aware that nowadays virginity is not a 'must' in muslim marriage?. The downside of the term 'get used to it' is we won't be able to change it back. What happen now is that we settle with whats left. Do you want to dine with leftover?.
  8. The four stages : Addiction, Escalation, Desensitization and action out. Beware if by any chance you fall under this symptom.
  9. "Dirty thoughts come out of boredom", the best thing is to occupied yourself with activities.
  10. Pointing out at other's and blaming them is a sign of denial. We were all guilty as charged. If you are offended that is mean you still care to change.
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