Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Personal : Inspired by Chase Jarvis

'Believing yourself' is the best medicine for a sickness infected by 'people's doubt'. Precious time spend wanting a quality product out of it. Like when you take a bunch of pictures. Dreaming that we will be a productive and self-paid photographer. Maybe it is not the time yet.

Vehicle mobilize by fuel, human move by motivation and inspiration. Chase Jarvis is the component that has been missing all this while. Now I'm ready to take the first big leap.

Chase Jarvis is a professional photographer. On one of his latest post he mention about a suggestion that pretty much applied to a dreamer like me. Here is the following.

1. Shoot personal work. Be the creative you talk about. Get pass tight budget, take the best out of your surrounding.

2. Commit with ideas you hold onto. Apply 'Just do it' concept by Nike. Create a blog and involve with strong online networking. Ask for comments and feedback.

3. Learn about photography and video. Flip through any available sources. Do experimentation.

4. Don't be shy to take picture. Walk around with a gadget, so you're alert and able to capture moment. Always remember different is diamond, and diamond is worth the talk.

5. Feel free to learn. No 'client' means freeform. Build something - ex: create series of photograph.

6. Remind yourself that the gear you can't afford is not the barrier keeping you from success. Gear has very little to do with photography.

This part of the interpretation from my point of view. In his blog he mention even more ways or method that need to be done in order to be a successful person. Read and learn. Apply and analyze.

via : Chase Jarvis

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