Thursday, June 18, 2009

Government : Malaysia's Truman Show broadcasting live from Media Prima

I believe that we all have watched The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. An entire plot of the movie spiral down to a discovery by him(Jim) that he is living within a TV show.

By referring to all the internet users, our internet and freedom of expressing thought through internet has been controled by the biggest cover up. Is there anywhere that we can run out of personal interest and power-hunger human being that keep bugging us with problems. First would be the slow down of internet access. Then the reduce of speed for downloading, either torrent or directly through website.

If you study closely you will find a food chain that connect us with the whole propaganda. First, there is a meltdown and conflict between two major party. Which we refer them as the front line of the puppeteer of politic. The ruler at this point trying hard to cut down sources. Via electronic medium and printed medium. Using money as a trade. Bought people with power and sort people which are not.

What did the opposition do?. The opposition will be the left hand of the fight. Reveal the truth. The ruler certainly would not happy about the action and take proactive measure and its affecting 'us'. The consequence is not their concern. Because big will overturned small and rich will overshadow poor.

Now they are saying that blogger has to be sort. They will be under a strict 'do and don't's set up by the government. Here is the bullshit part. "You were mad because you got hit. But at the same time you were also using blog as a weapon.Let it be both sides and left the choosing part to us"


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