Friday, June 19, 2009

Top 10 : Truth about making a band and its industry

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  1. Vocalist is a figure-less instrument. Therefore it is rather not less important to scout singer with melodious voice. However there is no shocking surprise with the music industry that majority of local bands where found neglecting this 'must'
  2. The first critics and suggestion should been voice out from closest acquaintance. Level down to your friends cycle, family and distance associates. Take note that they will be your biggest fan and a positive ambient towards your ups & downs journey.
  3. Don't easily motivated by unrecognized small act on gigs at "indie hideout by the dark alley". Your mind is playing trick on you. Doesn't mean that if they sound horrible make you sound slightly better, whenever you decide to form a band out of that thought.
  4. Admit the lacks of talent. Improve. It is as simple as that.
  5. Careless of being similar. 'Biting' melodies might happen once in a blue moon. More or less we grow up listening to mainstreams, not like we were born with our own band with our own material. The key is to improvise.
  6. Dream big but don't be too obsess. Hungry for being famous and known just proved that you were nothing but a loser. It is believe to be a package, worried not. Focus on the end product and everything else will come.
  7. Get serious with pushing your limit. Bring your talent to the next level every time you reach people's expectation. "Bring originality and different material to the plate"
  8. Ego is the king of failure. You are in the business of people. Music is the bridge to connect human being. Loosen up your ego and listen to critics and comments. You can sit your principle or point of view to sleep if there is no place to argue. Open your mind up and listen. Don't caved and be defensive.
  9. Combine the best out of the best. Hire people with vision and great ideas. The mistake with most of us, we used to settle with average. Ease through decision because we want things easy. Like when you have a great concept and genre. Mix it with attitude and charisma. Entertainer got to have the X-factor and vibe on the sense of present.
  10. Making a band is not a trend neither a must. You can always become a fan.

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