Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photography : How to run a photography business

1. How to get supplies (eg. album, camera, software, backdrop, etc.)

Internet will be the best sources to find supplies. With an easy excess to internet you can be able to go through forums, official websites and social networking. The trick is you need to put more than efforts but initiative.

2. How to get tips (eg. take photo, what equipment, etc.)

First of all, classes is available for those who want to learn about photography. Depend on how much you want to learn, then the cost will suit your demand. The best way is to learn by your self. This means through you own efforts and initiative, once again. By forcing and expanding something that is not come naturally will only result to wasting-time. Use a proper and established website to hunt for tips and tricks about photography. Look at the gallery and judge it by yourself.

Professional would hate people who in it to earn an easy money. Spoil the market and be selfish. Photography grew as a family. We share and learn by comparing photos.

3. How to charge (eg. wedding, commercial, model, etc.)

Price is a very sensitive topic when it come to business. We are here to earn money, not to lose it. To calculate how you should charge the work done and spending through out the process is a tedious job. To make it easy for you, here is a rough calculation done;

D3 = RM 15,000
1 Job = RM 1,000
15 Jobs = RM 15,000

Target now 15 jobs for a D3.

Utilities = RM 500 p/m (RM17 p/d)
Album cost = RM?
Fuel / Toll / Parking = RM?
Rent = RM?

per job up to 4 hours : RM 1,500 including album.

target 1 year = 365 days = RM 250,000
EXAMPLE For Wedding
1 month = 4 weekends = 12 days of work (fri, sat, sun)
1 year = 12 months = 48 weekends = 144 days of work
Target RM 250,000 / 144 days = RM 1,737 per job.

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