Monday, May 18, 2009

Skateboard : Skate park in Kampala

Uganda, the country we like to jokes about. The country that is known to be equal to poverty. In fact the truth is, it is below the poverty line. The best part out of all the suffering, people living life in Uganda can still enjoy life and go on with their daily routine without giving up to faith.

This is a series of photography taken by the Swiss photographer, Yann Gross called Kitintale Skate series. The skate park located in the city of Kampala is the where about for local skaters to
expand tricks and mingle within the skate scene. It is obvious to notice that it was build by bricks and concrete. Even this is not the best facilitated, equipped and look-over skate park, it is the first and the only one constructed within the radius of East Africa.

Now we can say, that most of those skaters is spoiled.

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