Saturday, May 16, 2009

Personal : Wonderword, wonder what?

Weather is surprisingly windy and cloudy on Saturday afternoon. I barely stay awake with such comforts. During the day schedule fills with empty spaces. Therefore I'm called to lay down some changes. Either throughout daily routines or the standard of my Statementgnasgnos's.

Who would have thought that Wonderword could be so fascinating. Fascinate enough to carved a smile in between lunch. I decided during the weekend will be a not-so-lengthy stories, a highlight about what have been going on during my weekdays.

Yesterday I went to a Career Carnival organized by The Ministry of Higher Education at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. Being hopeless and jobless, an opportunity like this means a possibilities enhancement. I planned earlier to meet with Lina and Pratha at the venue. It was a while ago that I meet them, current update would be the major content of the meeting.

Lina told a story about how she encoutered with a snatch theft at Sungai Besi. The incident that left a hideous vertical scar on her palm. The city is getting more dangerous by days I guess. The crime rate boils up rapidly due to lacks of concern by the authorities.Then Pratha, She told me about her offer as a spa assistant at Traders Hotel. "Skybar?", that is the first thing that come up in my mind during that time. She told me she came with Felex. Felex recently being fired by Adrien. Once he knew that Felex have been manipulating receipts. So all this while he have been taking money from the company. Sleezy bastard!.

The funny things about the career carnival is, how stupid and low I feel when the guy responsible to handle each booth end every explanation with a statement "requirement will be a degree holder". They assume each explanation is the opportunity to ask for a resume handout. For me, that is the moment where I left and act dumb.

As if for now, "is there any employment for a diploma holder?".


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