Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Magazine : Magazine Design Award

The Society of Publication Designers, SPD, announced the finalists for its yearly magazine design awards. It is a list of mind-blowing out-of-the-box creative design. Fresh and jaw-dropping.

1. Dirk Barnett, Blender
2. David Curcurito, Esquire
3. Fred Woodward, GQ
4. Edward Leida, W
In the photography awards, Edward Burtynsky, who has photographed man's impact on the environment for many years, produced a stunning photo essay on rock quarries, for Dwell:

Single-page photography section. Bon Appetite, under the creative direction of Matthew Lenning:
5. Robert Perino, Fortune

6. Edward del Rosario, The New York Times Magazine
7. Hope Gangloff, New York
8. Maira Kalman, Departures
9. Bryan Christie, Portfolio
10. Christoph Niemann, The New York Times

11. ndrew Nimmo and Beth Bartholomew, Vanity Fair

12. Catalogue Tree, Fortune
13. Scott Stowell, GOOD
14. Scott Dadich, Wired

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