Monday, May 18, 2009

Internet : Streamyx customer service representative are still busy

Politic might be a fabric of life therefore we couldn't hide or run from its physical existence. It has been a while since I channel my anger and hatred towards Streamyx incompetency. People could care less about what is going on with the politic cycle in the country. But when the government enter and disturb people's most used territory, someone have to stand up and voice out some concern regarding the matter.

We can have our own personal opinion concerning this case. Streamyx began to face a rapid failure in giving a quality services to all the deserved users. When the Streamyx performance reach to a certain slowness we tend to call for help. In fact we need more than just help, we need our speed back. We want the speed that we pay for.

Up until now, this is what the feedback we recieved:
"Streamyx customer service representative are still busy"

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