Thursday, May 21, 2009

Company : Prayer for Muslim not approved

I found this at It is a memorandum replied by the management stating that they hereby does not approved prayer during working hours. Therefore the management is going to abolish the surplus advantages for Muslim

For my personal opinion, since I had an experience working with a non-muslim owned company. Most of Muslims including me, once in a while misused the advantages. We tend to used it as an excuse to wonder elsewhere and cheating our way out of working. Despite lack of professionalism, we tend to bend certain rules and go for a cigarrete break on top of slacking off after prayer.

On the other side, not giving the permission for Muslim to pray is way out of line. It is compulsory. In this case I think the company should reconsider and discuss with their Muslim staff a way to be more efficient in term of time-used, be considerate and understand the needs of both side.

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