Friday, May 01, 2009

Celebrity : Brad Pitt's interest in architecture

”Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion.” Brad Pitt
“I’m really into architecture, structure and design. Give me anything and I’ll design it. I’m a bit nutty with it.” - brad pitt

Little that we know, Brad Pitt, one of the biggest star in Hollywood has a heart for architecture. This interest bloomed during his encounter with Frank Gehry prior to a renovation of his mansion. The formal relationship end up become friends.

The bonding deepen his interest and excite him to hunger for more things related to architecture. In 2008, his dream of becoming an architect come true when he became a team member of the design consultants. It was a project to build a five star hotel complex in Dubai.

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Who would have thought that a great actor had a long-held dream to be an architect. Being rich and famous is not an indicator to unfold a life's happiness. Chasing dream somehow bring all together to create one.

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