Saturday, May 23, 2009

Personal : A positive thinking pays off.

Present teach us to be smart and positive. I have been through storm and tsunami a few times growing up. Nothing blow a positive fire in me. Everyday I wake up, I purposed the journey to an adventure of finding and learning new things. Every time negative incident occur I cure it with laughter. Let it pass and make jokes out of it.

I sent my one and only transportation to workshop. Repairs and renew, as if life can be that simple and easy. It has been a week since I drive my car. Yet the value of appreciating lost send a greater means. I discover that I meet more friends. Old high school, homey-neighbor, old colleagues and distance friends were among the people who unfold an inner goodness in me.

Who wouldn't have thought that by driving you miss out a certain group of people. People that holds dearly and value your opinions as you value theirs. The group of people that give you a different sight of perspective. They thought us how to live life differently.

You would think that you have a crowd of friends. I'll say they are just a social companion. A needy and desperate moment would be a great test to know your friend. Here I state an example. A friend is in need for a ride, because his car was stuck in workshop. Who do you think he would call for help. I bet your answer would be a friend, yes. Then it would be a surprise to a non-believers that the call were answered by the least expected person.

Hey you, my fellow earthling, stay positive. Believe in things to turn out your way.

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