Saturday, July 11, 2009

Personal : Tie the knot ?

There is once I chatted with my friend regarding enjoying 'love' after marriage, falling in love to be accurate. People might not agree with the idea saying 'you must be an insane person or a very optimistic with fade'. We experience more than what we should at the early age of freedom. We done things beyond rules and religious restriction. Whats left to be unfold with marriage anyway.

We observe couple behavior and their 'PDA' just to calculate how far is the rate of seriousness. We have been bombarded with question of marriage, since they start to decide about theirs. This question is no stranger prior to the news that pop out from the newly-decided couple for marriage people, "How they decide the one, the right one to be exact?". I don't think that they gamble a lifetime to know the end result. Divorce isn't either.

Then they start to sacrifice time, energy, money and personal interest for their love ones. Only by then the question answered. In that moment you realize that you don't calculate future, you just celebrate the present as if that is the only one matters.

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