Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Top 5 : Why Malaysia stand at no.7 horniest country

  1. Based on the historical fact back in January 2009 one of the biggest sex scandal involving the Health Minister, DATUK Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Minister should practice good manners. Not go out and create sex tapes during their free time. The circulated DVD indirectly help to bring Malaysia under the spotlight, regardless the bad publicity. At least he have 'substance' while serving for the government, where others just in it to dig and collect profit-making self-beneficial projects.
  2. Through statistical research indicates that the availability and amount of 3gp video in the internet is way out of control. It is as easy as a two simple steps, search and download. In order to prevent more damage to the social culture government tend to take strict measure by blocking 39 websites with allegedly “offensive” and “obscene” elements. Do you notice that most of the content being done by people with the same dialect. There is not much of an entertainment beside drugs and sex which is easy to access in those country with most popular dialect in Malaysia.
  3. Malaysian is consider new with western culture to be apply at our country. This is including open relationship, friends with benefit, strip club and less-covered clothe wear in public. Malaysia is known as the Islamic country throughout the world. Our culture is restricted based on Islam. In this case, what happen when you encounter girls with less clothe?. How curious are you with club that paid stripper to dance?. It is common for guys to put sex first in relationship, either in friendship or love.
  4. Sexual harassment is a modern form of jokes. The more offensive the funnier the jokes. This might be a worldwide practice but that doesn't mean that it is allowed and appropriate to be apply in Malaysia. Come to think of it, we deserve the 7th spot.
  5. The exposure towards sex. We didn't have an open discussion or an earlier education on the awareness and understanding of sex. What happen later when we grow up. Teenagers tend to become smarter than adult and experiment things themselves. The more they know the more they getting turn on. Therefore it is no surprise that teenagers getting pregnant.
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