Monday, July 06, 2009

Must-See : Ching Chang Chong feat Michael Jackson's trial vs Jordan Chandler

Please stop taking advantage of Michael Jackson's death. The world is aware of the news and felt the same amount of lost. We can't bring back Jackson's moonwalk, inspirational lyrics and one of a kind performer persona. However, we still be able to listen and cherish what he left us with, songs, a library of it.

The world needs laugh more than it need sadness. The world is dying, people get infected with viruses, truth no longer speaks and the spirit of holiness is in the verge of darkness. The proper approach should be to watch Ching Chang Chong.

Prior to Michael Jackson's shocking news I managed to dig up a footage of him being question by the police regarding the 1996 trial of Michael Jackson vs Jordan Chandler.

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