Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cars : High performance automobile in Malaysia

Top 5 : Thoughts on high performance cars and its owner

  1. Affordability. Businessman and politician are among the prime owner of such pricey automobile. With consistence salary of six figures who wouldn't. We seldom conquered with negative thoughts at instant when catch cars with overwhelming horsepower on the street at glance. Dirty money, bribery, illegal businesses and corruption would be the 'word' of choice. Would it be possible within the ages of soon to posses one, if its only a common Mitsubishi Evo or Nissan Skyline.
  2. Present. Even a nobody can be a somebody, easy breezy.If you are able to encounter coincidentally with someone driving this kind of automobile. Take a look at their face expression, the way they walk, clothes they wear and people who magnet-ed on their waist and neck. They portray such confident, zero insecurity, pride and glamour that attract public eye to highly envy.
  3. Guys can simply leans to liking expensive materials. It somehow brings masculinity. In this case, expensive cars. Do you know that guys secretly compete in car modification, brand, type and speed. They define stability in life and wealth level by showing Ferarri, Porsche, BMW and etc. If by now you are driving torn down local made then it would bring a problem for you to mingle in near future.
  4. From time to time we will converse in small talk regarding high performance cars and its existence in Malaysia. "Bugatti Veyron tak pernah nampak on the road pun kat Malaysia?","Kepala otak ko!, tunggu kerabat beli satu pun belum tentu lagi". We live our daily routine thinking that a certain cars won't make its debut on Malaysia's street. Then out of the blue it pass by roaring at rapid. At least that is how I feel with Pagani Zonda, Caddilac, Bentley and Mustang.
  5. What kind of job they do? or what kind of business should I get involve in to be similar at their level of success?. Do you still remember in the period where they were a lot of MLM beggars pursuades you to join them. "Look what I'm driving now with the money I've made". Feels like asking them now, can you afford Zonda or Bentley?. I watched my friends work like a slave, fathers work around the clock, colleague do multiple jobs yet they didn't even manage to expereince luxury. What went wrong I wonder?.
* Pictures taken from Flickr.

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