Thursday, July 02, 2009

Youtube : Marley, Lauryn Hill, The Roots Medley

Talent need no publicity, it blossom and shine on its own. Out of a sheer pointless and boredom I come across a bunch of people that matched of what we called Talented. People said that creative mind created by conscious thought that trigger by passion and inspiration. It channel out to either on the same physic like music to music or different physic like writing to visual.

We dreamt of magic moment connecting with public. A reaction of compliment for the hardship of thoughts. The whole idea is where I try to elevate you all. To make sure that you guys on the same page as mine.

A simple representation. He might not be the first let alone the pioneer of the concept. Yet he create enough impact of inspiration to fuel our creative's engine.

I'm not an expressionist. In term of conveying love towards parent. Therefore to encounter with this video brings idea. That is one hell of a mother's day gift. That love and creativity can intersect.

Don't spread hate but love. Don't digs flaws but celebrate beauty. Be familiar with laugh a stranger to revenge.


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