Monday, July 06, 2009

Review : Amcheong’s Urbanscapes Report

via : KLUE

From a personal point of view, Junk Voters’ Choice bands at KLue Urbanscapes 2009 surprisingly allocate a list of shaky-rigid talent. Disturbingly true and agreed by what the Amcheong's report. It won't drive any interest or creative-attraction to the listed bands except Khottal for me. They were one of the best live reviewed and unique by music-concept shown in The Wknd session. I'm eager to enjoy more from the band in Urbanscapes.

Everyone have their own opinion and perception to be heard. Like how you look and interpret the picture of Khairy Jamaluddin.

There is one time I had a conversation with my friends. I asked them whether is it that important to collect public attention that some band go as low as preaching looks and 'inside-connection' rather than sheer talent. I know one local band that had performed in several huge music event, yet they didn't come close to understand the method nor the skills to produce a solid arragement. Everyone have the same idea and thought. Everyone have dreamt once, and somewhat passionate about it. But please find a way out once you realize a cat can't transform to a tiger. Music consist of brilliant arrangement and an ability to channel or to play it. Shouldn't a band or as if 'kinda' be called a band because they can play a certain instrument. Sadly to say that band they were among the Junk voter's Choice bands.

This is not a hate attempt. Just a simple thought out of a glance of observation.

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