Saturday, July 11, 2009

Automobile : Perodua Myvi and Proton Satria Neo featured in Top Gear Season 13

*Review from Paultan.
*Pictures and video is taken from Top Gear's Season 13.

"KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 (Bernama) -- The failure of the joint venture project betweeen Proton Holdings Bhd (Proton) and Goldstar Heavy Industrial Co. Ltd (Goldstar) in Dongguan, China, has resulted in an estimated loss of US$5.78 million for Proton, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said." - Bernama
What 'they' always talk about regarding Malaysia's automobile industry :
  • Middle class people prefer the price difference. They(including me) can swallow countless flaws in Proton's product, which make them famous for it. With a salary of 4 figures average imported line of cars would just a 'display behind transparent glass in showroom'. The very least in fulfilling the want is by taking a free ride along the test road.
  • They keep come up and tempted buyer with new model vehicle. Rather than polishing the quality of its production. The end result definitely come out the same as the were targeting high profit through low quality-cheap material and accessories.
  • The price range of local made and imported purposely designed with huge gap. Look who is the one who drive big-shinny cars, kiss-ass big project bitch.

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